The main objective of the Research Project “PerManeNt” is the development of an integrated platform for operational monitoring, smart control and sustainable energy management of drinking water supply networks, and related projects.

Project Targets

Target 1

Continuous monitoring, measurement and data collection

Target 2

Development and maintenance

Target 3

Development of innovative methods and tools

Target 4

Control and evaluation

Target 5

Visualization of the results / findings
Continuous monitoring, measurement and data collection of operating parameters (i.e. flow, pressure, energy consumption, etc.), as well as hydro-meteorological and environmental variables (e.g. temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfall intensity, groundwater level).
Development and maintenance of an integrated database for storing, retrieving, and managing all collected information.
Development of innovative methods and tools for joint statistical analysis of the collected time series, in order to timely detect malfunctions in individual parts of the water supply network and the related infrastructure (i.e. pumping wells, pumping stations, conduits, water treatment facilities, regulating tanks, etc.).
Control and evaluation of individual parts of the network, as well as its overall operation, as a function of time, through quality, environmental, and energy related indicators.
Visualization of the results / findings on the integrated platform, using graphs, maps and automated reports / notifications, in order to assist the competent authorities in effective planning and timely decision making of network extensions and upgrades, maintenance activities, etc.

Project Scopes


Support in timely decision making at management level.


Generation of short and long term forecasts for water demand and corresponding energy consumption rates.

All data can be used to generate reports regarding the network’s operation, and to create automatic alarms/notifications. Also, the data will be available for further processing by the platform, through specialized algorithms / applications.